Surplus chemicals for sale

Unlike many of our competitors, Allchem LLC has a fully functional chemical plant with warehousing and liquid bulk storage. We specialize in polyethylene glycols. Many of the items below are in our inventory and available at discount. In addition, we have taken several hot items from the chemical marketplace to highlight here.

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Item Number Chemical Name Quantity Price
TT-57 Nonylphenol Ethoxylate (5) Moles EO 8,000lbs. Make Offer FOB Dalton, GA
43015 Lanthanum Oxide (Rare Earth) 13,868 lbs. Make Offer FOB GA
NP-07 Nonylphenol Ethoxylate NP-7 12,000lbs. .65/lb. FOB GA
MP-10 Polyethylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether (MPEG 1000) 30,000lbs. .55/lb. FOB GA
12345 Silicon Carbide (Reclaimed) Abrasive Large Quantity Call
600 PEG 600 45,000 lbs .58/lb. FOB Dalton GA
NP-50 Nonylphenol Ethoxylate NP-50 (100% Active) 9,870lbs. .78/lb. FOB Dalton, GA
XN-45S Anionic Sulfate Surfactant 4,050lbs. .25/lb. FOB Dalton, GA
NP-15 NP-15 5,640lbs. Call
NP-30 NP-3070 18,720lbs. .75/lb. FOB Dalton, GA
CC-99 Calcium Carbide 100,000lbs. Make Offer FOB TX
HX-45 Hexamethylenetetramine 42,000lbs. Make Offer FOB TX
PX-48 Peridox Sporicidal Disinfectant 7,000 Gallons Call
IA-85 Isoamyl Alcohol (Crude) 80-90% Ongoing Call
AC=816 Activated Carbon (Filtrasorb 816) 150,000lbs. Make Offer FOB Dalton, GA
PP-14 Polyester Polyol (Terol 1465) 51,000lbs. Make Offer FOB TX
GSB-28 Polyether Polyol Blend (Carpol GSP 280) 19,000lbs. Make Offer FOB TX
NMP-99 NMP (Reclaimed) Ongoing 1.35/lb. FOB shipping Point in Drums
PG-40 Polyethylene Glycol 400 (Off Grade for solubility) 45,000lbs. Make Offer FOB Dalton, GA
CF-87 CF-87 Nonionic Low Foam Surfactant 1,350lbs. .40/lb. FOB Dalton, GA