Surplus chemicals for sale

Unlike many of our competitors, Allchem LLC has a fully functional chemical plant with warehousing and liquid bulk storage. We specialize in polyethylene glycols. Many of the items below are in our inventory and available at discount. In addition, we have taken several hot items from the chemical marketplace to highlight here.

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Item Number Chemical Name Quantity Price
NP-5 Nonionic NP-5 (Nonylphenol Ethoxylate, 5 Mole) 13,340lbs. .45/lb. FOB Dalton, GA
PG-540 PEG 540 Blend 50,000lbs. .35/lb. FOB Dalton, GA
NP-40 NP-40 (100% Solids) 90,000lbs. .55/lb. FOB Dalton, GA (Truckload Price)
PG-300 PEG 300 80,000lbs. Call
15-30 Nonionic 15-S-30 (100%) 25,344lbs. .75/lb. FOB Dalton, GA
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PPG-1000 (PPG 1000) Polypropylene Glycol 1000 28,387lbs. 1.00lb. FOB Dalton, GA
PPG4000 (PPG 4000) Polypropylene Glycol 4000 46,100lbs .80/lb. FOB Dalton, GA
PG-8000 PEG 8000 2% contamination: believed to be PVAc 56,000lbs. Price : . 25 lb. FOB Dalton GA
ST-50 Capstone ST 500 22,000lbs. Make Offer FOB GA
PG-60 PEG 6000 (Flake) 21,000lbs. .82/lb. FOB Dalton
OP-405 Nonionic X-405 OP-35 (70%) 40,000lbs. .85/lb. FOB Dalton, GA
CG-425 Alkyl Polyglucoside (50%) 21,340lbs. .50/lb. FOb Dalton, GA
PG-200 PEG 200 (8% Water) 3800 Gallons .10/lb. FOB Dalton, GA
PG-700 PEG 600 (High Molecular Weight) 125,000lbs. .55/lb. FOB GA
PAZ Potassium Amyl Zenthate (Uses: Ore Flotation) 12,000lbs. Call
PPG-400 PPG 400 (Polypropylene Glycol) 30,000lbs. 1.00lb. FOB Dalton, GA
MDI-99 Pure MDI (Off-grade) 120,000Lbs. Call
AOS-40 Alpha Olefin sulfonate (AOS-40) 21 Totes Make Offer FOB NJ
SL-99 Soy Lecithin (animal feed or Industrial use only) 90,000lbs./month (Ongoing) Make Offer on Delivered basis