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Are you trying to save money on your raw material costs? Look no further than Allchem’s chemical marketplace. Companies can save 50% and more buying surplus chemicals in the secondary market. Browse our surplus chemical marketplace today to begin saving on your chemical needs.

One of the quickest ways for a chemical company to increase their bottom line is to save on their raw material costs. For years savvy purchasing agents have increased profitability by buying surplus chemicals. Allchem LLC specializes in finding markets for off-spec, expired, and surplus chemicals. Many of these items meet first quality specifications and are available at a fraction of the cost of primary market chemicals. In addition, we have spent over 40 years finding alternative uses for side streams, co-products and off quality chemicals. Call one of our experienced sales reps today to inquire about specific postings.


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Item Number Chemical Name Quantity Price
UB67L8R2 Sulfuric Acid 100% 220 gal
E6A91FU1 Hydrogen Peroxide 100% 275 gallons
VYW27M78 Sodium azide 200kg
UCA0K486 Kayquat 2 1306 Roughly 50 gallons
9FMB65J8 98%/99% Liquid Methanol 10-15 Tanker Loads
TC842RR9 Sucrose Octaacetate 29 x 25 kg drums = 725 kgs
N47L4JD0 EPIKURE Curing Agent 3251 5,880 LB (approximate)
K29ZMZ80 Defoamer 47 1,840 LB
G0H4QX83 Docure KH-3001 3,968 LB
242DAVL3 Ancamine K54 882 LB
238H2KLF Phosphoric Acid 85% (Food Grade 50.015MT / 1429 DRUMS
5V58MC5X Shell Tonna S3 M 68 4
C92I5W6H Sodium Hypochlorite 2
6XV5K39O Sunmalt Maltose 4420kg
E2VQ2X70 D.E.R.™ 667-20 Epoxy Resin 2000 pounds
610C6YCR Tixogel VSP 1438 558lbs
IPA-85 Isopropyl Alcohol 20,000 gallons
T9I21Q4R TMTD (Tetramethyl thiuram disulfide) 33
Z1B3NT38 Methylene Chloride 5 Tanker Trucks
6FR3R11X Silicone 200-10000Cst 12000lbs
DH8024FD Ecolab "Boiler Care 1002" Oxygen Scavenger 6
2J9S4V3L Ecolab "Boiler Care 1002" Oxygen Scavenger 20
21F5ZY4P Potassium lactate 60% solution 1200 kg
PD9N7E83 Lactate salt solution 1150 kg
DR723QZ1 2-ethylhexyl stearate 145 kg
1NX9U2R4 Carbomer 940P NF 50,000
9QB15T8B Isopropyl Alcohol 2
Q1DZR071 Decon 7 1 KIT
89JD67HZ Melamine Modified Ammonium Polyphosphate 24275kg
Z78HX52D Turmeric Oil 10 MT
Q3F6V39I Valpro 59 4000#
9Q1K55DA Valpro 59 4500 #
GX83J2U3 Organic Cane Ethanol, 190 Proof, denatured 3
909HF1UH Phthalo Blue pre-dispersed pigment 134 pounds
775NCM8L Floquat 4540 ~5,000 lbs
1PDR444R Calcium Chloride Dry 8950 lbs - ~179 bags
VLS0B602 MBT (Mercaptobenzothiazole) 4
R1698BRN Altax (Benzothiazyl Disulfide) 15
485ADDL1 Imsil A-25 40
WI54XU69 Hi-Sil 532 EP 2